AWS Step Functions

In our previous blog How to build a Serverless Workflow with AWS Step Functions? (Part 1), we have discussed AWS Step functions, its features, benefits, use cases, etc. In this blog, we will discuss a business scenario to configure and create a serverless workflow to handle the issue resolution statuses raised by each of the customers and follow a systematic process for the same.

Business Scenario

Let’s say a company has a department of customer service that handles all the service requests raised by the customers. It’s getting difficult to handle the record of each issue raised by each of the customers…

AWS Step Functions

AWS Step Functions is a serverless orchestration service that lets you easily coordinate multiple Lambda functions into flexible workflows that are easy to debug and easy to change. In this blog, we have discussed AWS Step functions, its features, benefits, use cases, etc.

You can refer our blog How to build a Serverless Workflow with AWS Step Functions? (Part 2) to understand and built a Serverless Workflow with AWS Step Functions

In this blog, we will cover:

  • What is AWS Step Functions?
  • Features of Step Functions
  • How does AWS Step Functions work?
  • Benefits of Step Functions
  • AWS Step Functions use…

Workfall Partners

Workfall is an exclusive platform for AWS professionals where one can earn the best pay their coding expertise can get.

Did you know AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the predominant player in the global cloud business with 33% of the market share followed by Microsoft, Google, Alibaba and IBM with 18%, 9%, 6% and 5% respectively? (Source of data — Statista Research Group)

AWS Directory Service

Authenticate Windows EC2 Instance using AWS Managed Microsoft Active Directory
Authenticate Windows EC2 Instance using AWS Managed Microsoft Active Directory

Currently, 95% enterprises use Active Directory for authentication. Successful adoption of cloud technology requires considering existing IT infrastructure and applications deployed on-premises. Reliable and secure Active Directory architecture is a critical IT infrastructure foundation for companies running Windows workloads. The directory service can be hosted in the on premise data centers, but it is not more elastic and doesn’t provide high availability. It also requires a skilled person to monitor and manage the compute of Active Directory Domain services. Implementing Microsoft Active directory services in the AWS cloud can help us to connect with Multiple workloads hosted in AWS and…

MFA for S3 buckets

With so many different services available in the cloud, any organization’s security must be a primary consideration. As a result, preserving data from inadvertent deletion should be at the top of the priority list. You can add an extra degree of protection to AWS S3 by configuring buckets to enable MFA delete, which can help prevent unintentional bucket deletions and their contents.

Securing objects from accidental deletion or an intended deletion is one of the important security concerns as it may affect the customers and the business.

To avoid such scenarios, AWS has a feature called MFA delete which can…

Amazon Managed Blockchain

In our previous blog How to establish and maintain a scalable network using Amazon Managed Blockchain (Part 1)? We have discussed Blockchain and Amazon Managed Blockchain. We have also discussed about it’s components, benefits, features, pricing, customers and how it works. In this blog we will discuss how to use AWS Blockchain Templates to configure and launch AWS CloudFormation stacks to create blockchain networks. We will be demonstrating how to use the AWS Blockchain Template for Ethereum to create a private blockchain network on AWS through AWS CloudFormation.

In this blog, we will cover:

  • AWS Blockchain Templates
  • How does it…

AWS Managed Blockchain

Amazon Managed Blockchain
Amazon Managed Blockchain

Blockchain technology is making a big change and revolution in many industries including healthcare, logistics, supply chain, agriculture, real estates, IoT, trading etc. These industries are doing businesses across the globe. They do transactions among nations, different organizations, communities and individuals. Contracts, transactions, and the records of them are among the defining structures in these major industries. These industries require a way to regulate and maintain administrative control to bring trust, accountability and transparency to digital transactions. In digital transactions, there are chances of data corruption and accidentally data deletion. Blockchain can solve this problem!

Blockchain is the safer way…

AWS Copilot

AWS Copilot
AWS Copilot

In our previous blog, How to set up AWS Copilot to build, release and operate containerized applications on ECS and Fargate using a CLI(Part 1)? We have discussed AWS Copilot, its benefits, use cases, features, architecture, etc.

AWS Copilot is a command line interface (CLI) that allows users to launch and manage containerized apps on AWS fast and efficiently. AWS Copilot offers a simple declarative set of commands, as well as examples and guided experiences to assist clients in deploying quickly.

Refer the following image for the quick recap:

AWS Copilot

Are you completely drained by worrying about your infrastructure over architecture? Well, AWS Copilot supercharges your application by allowing you to set up infrastructure, build your application with many Microservices, set up a pipeline to automate release, monitor the stack and application’s status, and add-ons all from a single CLI. In this blog, we will discuss AWS Copilot, its features, how it works, use cases, benefits, pricing and who is using it in production environments.

In this blog, we will cover:

  • What is Amazon ECS?
  • What is AWS Fargate?
  • What is AWS Copilot?
  • Concepts of AWS Copilot
  • How does it…

Cloud Migration

Let us rephrase the question ‘When is/was the right time for cloud migration’?

The answer is 2 years ago, as much as it is today. The same will hold true 2 years later too. Why, you wonder? Simply because cloud migration is a megatrend and is likely to remain so for a foreseeable future. What has changed now is that the economy has been disrupted by a global pandemic leading to a sense of urgency in embracing digital transformation.

According to IDG’s 2020 cloud computing survey report, companies will be dedicating up to 32% of their IT budgets to the…


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